Liv Dayal is an absolute gem! Her readings are insightful, soulful, and fun. I always come away with a deeper understanding of what’s going on in my world and a sense of peace. She truly has a gift. Liv Dayal is my go-to always and forever tarot card maven. I love having my cards read by her! – Chloe F.

Haindl Tarot

Working with Liv Dayal has been life-changing for sure; the intimate connection, sensitivity, strength, and power of her presence. She exposed me to things I would never believed to be possible including…how to breathe! I thought I knew how! She did Reiki on me which made me feel limitless, and she keeps pace with me as she helps me to change my life for the better. Her deep, and natural spirituality is what makes her more than equipped to help people. Liv Dayal has helped me navigate life through prescribed Kundalini kriyas, and wisdom gleaned from tarot readings. She gives her all, to help others heal. Real love, real tarot, real yogic science, just REAL. She is patient and assures me that there is no quick fix, but there are tools I can use to empower myself and ease the growing pains. I find that I am making better, more aligned decisions as a result of working with her. Her strength and prayer means everything to me. She is my Spiritual Therapist! – Kate D.

Liv Dayal’s readings are spot on. Her emotional/spiritual focus gives gentle and kind guidance and insight. – Ya-el S.

I’ve gone to Liv Dayal on several occasions to get insight on some challenges I’ve faced over the last couple of years. My first reading we did by email. Liv Dayal had my reading to me within a day, complete with pictures of the cards and what they meant in regard to my specific situation, as well as advice from the guides on how to proceed. Her reading was right on the money. She told me what I needed to hear and held nothing back. No sugar-coating. No telling me what I wanted to hear. We stayed in touch and a few months later I went to see her in person. Let me tell you, Liv Dayal has amazing energy and her knowledge of tarot is superior! I’ve gone to several readers in my life and none have been as accurate. What I like the most though is how Liv Dayal isn’t judgmental at all. She genuinely cares about people and wants to help them however she can. She goes above and beyond with explaining the messages which has helped me tremendously with applying them to my life. The guidance I’ve gotten from her is priceless. If you’re facing a hardship or even just need some clarity, try her. You’ll be relieved you did. – Jennifer G.

Your readings have always been intensely personal and deep, and been both comforting and the kick in the ass I need! 😍😍 – Sarah B.

My tarot card reading was amazing! Liv Dayal is a great friend of mine who I trust dearly. When she asked me if she could read my cards I was, of course, very nervous and scared yet excited. She read my cards and they were spot on, I was chilled straight to the bone. Liv Dayal caught me at a very rough patch in the year when nothing was working out the way I wanted it to. My life was a mess, and the cards told her that. She knew nothing about what was happening in my life, but was informed after the card reading. After reading my cards, she and I talked about why I was feeling this way. She was so inspiring and enlightening, that I even went home to clean my room that night. That one night taught me a lot. I can’t wait for her to read my cards again now at a more positive point in my life. – Darian K.

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