I have been reading tarot for myself, and others since I was 14 years old. Tarot is a beautiful tool to understand personal self growth, provides an unfiltered lens through which one can get unbiased perspective, not to mention be an luminescent ally on even the most unclear of paths.

Over the course of my tarot journey, I have read for fellow classmates in college, seekers in yoga studios, and online for those wanting insight into their divine reflections of this incarnation.

Recently, I have begun to incorporate Kundalini yoga with tarot, and I am making this available as an add on offering to my general tarot readings. During the reading, a keyword, phrase or energy emphasized from the downloaded message provides me with a thread to unravel . This emphasis allows me to help you work with the flow of energy presented, enhance personal growth, and begin to connect esoteric energies to the physical body.

If you are local to me, in or around the Lehigh Valley, I would love to connect with you. In person readings are always the best option when possible. If you don’t live in the Lehigh Valley, there’s always Google Hangout’s or Skype. I also offer emailed readings. After you submit your question, or situation, I may ask for clarification, or a better understanding of what you are seeking. I will then pull cards for you and respond with a PDF that includes high resolution images of the cards pulled, the downloaded messages, along with any correspondences that could aid in the strengthening of the energy of the card, and if you selected the add on offering of including Kundalini as a take away part of your reading, you would also receive a kriya, mediation or pranayam (breath work) that you can do to support yourself for the personal growth required.

There is always a Kundalini kriya for whatever you need to work on, align with, fine tune, or eradicate. I am confident that with each reading there is a kriya that can help!

Rates for in person and virtual readings (Payment due upon booking)

  • $20 / 15 minute reading***
  • $40 / 30 minute reading
  • $60 / 60 minute reading
***virtual reading only: Skype/Google Hangout/Messenger

Rates for emailed readings (Payment due upon booking)

  • $40 for a 3-5 card spread
  • $60 for a 10 card spread

Kundalini add-on offering (Payment due upon booking)

  • $10 for your Kriya, Mediation, Pranayam recommendation written out via email (I’ll even include crystal, essential oil recommendations, and any anything else that comes through, as I research and gather your personalized package!)
  • $20 for a set time to work through the Kundalini recommendation together virtually, whether via Skype or Google Hangout (consider it a private 1:1 walkthrough to answer any questions you may have about your personally curated Kriya selected to enhance and further integrate your tarot reading)

I'll take my Kundalini straight up! Limited availability (Payment due upon booking)
  • $30 1:1 90 minute class (virtual only, we can connect and speak about what time would be mutually convenient for you to experience this fast acting, completely life changing practice!). I’ll be teaching you as if you were in the classroom, so have a bottle of water, a mat and your subconscious mind ready to go!

If you would like to get a feel for my style of readings or how I approach Kundalini as a teacher, be sure to connect with me on Instagram where I post a reading for the collective each week. If the message resonates, I would love to read about it in the comments!

Ready to book a reading or a private Kundalini 1:1 session with me? Fill out the form below, please include what you are looking for (any questions, etc), and you’ll be on your way!

Please head here to read my Disclaimer and Code of Ethics.