Tarot Reading: Strength and Knight of Pentacles

I usually post a tarot reading weekly on Instagram. This week’s download is heavier (read longer) than usual so here we are.

We are literally putting our hands in the lion’s mouth. If you were sitting across from me receiving a reading, I would say: Are you the lion, or are you the one putting your hand in the lion’s mouth? Don’t pretend to be ok with putting your hand in the lion’s mouth, if this is you.

But, let’s vibrate with the notion that what we are entering is sharp, possibly painful, and totally crazy. But, we can put our hand in a lion’s mouth and keep steady, resilient, and lack the impulse to pull our hand away (it’s completely normal to pull back from danger or fear). But, we aren’t in danger this time. Our brains are just telling us that the change we face is dangerous. Silly brain, change is always good because growth comes from it.

What happens when we panic and pull away? In this case, the lion clamps down hard, because it senses your fear. Instead, soothe both the lion, and yourself. Give and receive, by enjoying the push and pull of the friction and intensity created. Rest in the warmth that is present in uncertainty and hesitation.

There is warmth here. The warmth lies in knowing that it, the discomfort, will change. Slowly, because the Knight of Pentacles tells us so, but, it will change.

With the Lion’s gate energy swirling around us, getting this card is auspicious, and I’m not surprised it showed up. We are in for a massive upgrade, and remember, energy doesn’t follow the strict rules of our clocks, so you may be feeling especially activated right now. I know I am!

Tapping into astrology a little more, we have a stellium (3 or more planets in the same sign) coming up at the end of the month in Virgo (Mars, Mercury, Venus, and, the Sun). Virgo loves to plan, and organize, broadly speaking. Another wink from the universe with this particular Knight pulled today.

The Knight of Pentacles is the energy you call on, or that calls on you, depending on how you see it, that plans and organizes, knowing that it is ready to execute. This energy is telling us to be methodical and execute slowly, wholly assured that you’ve done your homework, crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. The year is half over, so whatever you’ve put off over the summer (like I have) you’ll want to dig your heels in, and complete it all in the upcoming months.

Together, these cards are telling us that it’s ok to be scared, the next step is coming. It will bring about unparalleled resilience because whether you know it or not, you’ve done all the spiritual, and energetic work your soul needed over the last couple of months to sail through the next level with grace.

No complacency here though, upgrading means there’s another set of challenges you’ll face that require even more clearing out of what no longer makes sense for you. Don’t be scared. Promise?

I usually read the Strength card very differently, but this is what came through.

Did it resonate? Do let me know in the comments here, on Instagram or Facebook.

In the meantime, go get ‘em tiger, um I mean, lion!

I hope this serves.

Sat Nam.

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