When the Ego Takes Over

A lesson that keeps coming up for me is back again: Colliding with those that have a scarcity mindset when all I see is abundance for all, coupled with my tendency to put certain groups of people that I revere, or admire, on a pedestal. Do you do this, too?

This lesson comes up for me with those  I perceive hold more weight in my life (think managers, priests, extended family, close friends, government, teachers). Only after I recognize that I’ve done it again and placed a person or group on a pedestal, I realize that above all else, these people/groups that I’ve catapulted to the ethers are still human. They are still fallible, still controlled by an ego that they cannot see, taste or smell. They either struggle to remove themselves from the ego’s sneaky, all encompassing grip, or ignore it altogether. This dance with the ego is spirolic. Some days are better than others.

How do I know this? I’m human and fallible, too. I struggle with the dance of my ego that refuses to let me go when it’s siren song is over.

When the Ego Takes Over That Kundalini Girl Liv Dayal Kaur

I’m still working on my awareness before I fall headlong into the “pedestal placing stage”. There is small progress as I’m aware slightly this time around. Just as healing is spirolic, so is learning and awareness.

As a new teacher, I am full of excitement, ready to dig in, and share what I have experienced. I am ready to help other teachers where I can, with whatever I can. My angle? Serving and building a community of practitioners. Some that may eventually be glacially shifted, internally to become teachers themselves. It is my hope, that the energy amongst women, specifically, as that is where the scarcity mindset is prevalent and it shouldn’t be, we are creators after all, will shift to one of abundance. There is room for all at the table, because it’s a really long table with many mouths to feed.

I was asked what niche community I wish to serve with Kundalini. I immediately responded with those that have suffered from sexual abuse, those who question their sexuality, or feel that pleasure is foreign to them, those who live with C-PTSD. I’d also like to add those that fear success in their own right, on their own terms.

One of the things I love about this practice is that you’re instructed not to worry about anyone else. Not to look to see who is doing what on the seat next to you. Just focus on you. Your space. Your growth. Your healing. Oh how that translates out of the classroom. 

I can serve in these spaces like no one else, because I’ve lived in these places, I still live in, and struggle with, some of these places. I come with my own unique set of life experiences, solutions, adjustments and tools to keep up. Just as my thumbprint is my own, so will my flavor of teaching, reaching and elevating others. My prayer is that all who teach, and all who learn, remember their uniqueness, and open themselves to the abundance of opportunity and creative collaboration that actually exists.

Sat Nam.

P.S. Thank you Saraswati Radha Kaur for holding space for me on this. You are a light! Wahe Guru!

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